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Sanskrit - by William Hodge Mill (1792 – 1853)
Shri Khrista Sangeeta 1.14.77
From the dedication page of The Indian Christiad
Music in Rag Yaman composed by Chris Hale

William Hodge Mill is the author of a fervently devotional work on the life of Jesus in Sanskrit, called the Shri Khrista Sangita (The Hymn to the Blessed Christ). A grand and epic poem, its language reflects the essence of Indian spirituality and worship which Mill found to be compatible with the equally distinctive Hebrew psalms that he was familiar with from his studies of Judeo-Christian theology. Without compromising the meter and idiom of traditional bhakti poetry, Mill adheres closely to the biblical narrative of the life of Christ, in an orthodox yet creative way. Mill spent 17 years in Calcutta, having arrived there in 1821 to become the first principle of Bishop’s College. He became a skillful master of Sanskrit in a way that few other Orientalists had before him. More information on his life and work can be found in the historical overview of The Indian Christiad by Anand Amaladass, S.J. and Richard Fox Young. (1995). Gujarat Sahitya Prakash. - M.S.


Pade suvarnasya mayaa kritam sa
Dinaarthadaanam labhataam prasannaha
Dehaamalatvam rasagandhakasya
Kundoha pade chaarthanamaadadaatu

May the holy one receive my simple offering
Which I give at the feet of the golden one
May he accept my supplication at the feet of the One,
Who is of jasmine-like fragrance and pure body

Song No. 53 from the Kshama Sagar Bhakti Mala (Songbook)


from Bhakti Geet - Volume One, released June 22, 2017
Vocals - Chris Hale and Miranda Stone
Guitar - Chris Hale
Harmonium - Luke Parker
Sitar - Duke Vipperman

Mixing and mastering - Ed Hanley
Recorded live on June 19th, 2015



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Yeshu Satsang Toronto Toronto, Ontario

In India, Yeshu is Hindi for “Jesus.” Satsang means “gathering of the truth.” Typically, satsangs in India are gatherings of people who worship together, often using devotional songs called bhajans and kirtans. You are invited to join us! We meet once a month and you can find out about our monthly satsangs at facebook.com/YeshuSatsangToronto - Christopher Dicran Hale and Miranda Stone ... more

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