Vande Vande Sachidanandam

from by Yeshu Satsang Toronto

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Sanskrit - Words by Brahmabandhab Upadhyay (1861-1907)
Original verse melody by Dayanand Bharati
Chorus melody & song arrangement by Chris Hale and Miranda Stone


Vande Vande Sachidanandam
Vande Sachidanandam, Vande Vande…
Worship, worship (the One who is)
Being, Knowledge, Bliss

Bhogi laanchita yogi vaanchita
whom the worldly dismiss but the ascetics yearn for

Charamapadam, charamapadam
The highest goal, the highest goal

Vande Vande Sachidanandam
Vande Sachidanandam
Worship, worship (the One who is)
Being, Knowledge, Bliss

1. Parama puraana paraatparam, Parama…
The Supreme, Ancient, Higher than the high

Purnam akhanda paraavaram, Purnam…
(Who is) Fullness, Wholeness, Beyond, yet nigh

Trisanga shuddham asanga buddham, Trisanga…
The Pure Threesome, Unrelated Wisdom

Hard to comprehend

Vande, Vande, Vande
Worship, worship, worship

2. Pitra savitra paramesham ajam, Pitra…
The Father, Impeller, Highest Lord

Bhava vraksha bijam abijam, Bhava…
The Unborn tree of being, Seedless Seed

Akhila kaaranam ikshana shrijana, Akhila…
The universal Cause, beholding creation,

Tending over it

Vande, Vande, Vande
Worship, worship, worship

3. Anahata shabdam anantam, anantam, Anahata…
The Word unsounded, Infinite,

Prasuta purusha sumahaantam, Prasuta…
The Begotten Person, supremely great,

Pitra swarupa chinmaya rupa, Pitra…
The Substance of the Father, Form of knowledge

Our Saving Friend

Vande, Vande, Vande
Worship, worship, worship

4. Sachidor melana saranam, saranam…
(The One who from) the union of Being and knowledge does flow, does flow

Shubha-shvasit-aa-nanda-ghanam, Shubha…
The Sacred Breath and Cloud of Joy,

Paavana-javana-vaanivadana, Paavana…
cleanses, moves swiftly, speaks the message

Life intends

Vande, Vande, Vande
Worship, worship, worship

Song No. 57 from the Kshama Sagar Bhakti Mala (Songbook)


from Bhakti Geet - Volume One, released June 22, 2017
Vocals - Miranda Stone and Chris Hale
Guitar - Chris Hale
Tabla - Miranda Stone
Harmonium - Luke Parker
Bass Guitar - Chris Padiath

Mixing and mastering - Ed Hanley
Recorded live on June 24th, 2016



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Yeshu Satsang Toronto Toronto, Ontario

In India, Yeshu is Hindi for “Jesus.” Satsang means “gathering of the truth.” Typically, satsangs in India are gatherings of people who worship together, often using devotional songs called bhajans and kirtans. You are invited to join us! We meet once a month and you can find out about our monthly satsangs at - Christopher Dicran Hale and Miranda Stone ... more

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