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Sanskrit - Composer unknown
Arrangement by Chris Hale and Miranda Stone

The syllable Om (also Aum) in popular Hinduism is considered to be the primordial sound, present at the creation of the Universe, containing all other sounds, words and languages. Many religions who have origins in the Indian sub-continent use Om as an integral part of their sacred chanting.

To quote a Hindu follower of Christ, “Among Hindus there is no one central (religious) authority, tradition or scripture in Hinduism; anyone can have any kind of impression and hold it as true… So there is no point in debating about the average Hindu’s impressions of using Indian (Hindu) symbols. I use Om as a musical note or sound. My (religious/spiritual) heritage helps me to feel at home with such musical chants… I find that Om, as a mystical sound or symbol, helps me calm my erratic mind and awaken my inner being."

In this kirtan, some Indian devotees of Christ, seeking to express their faith from within their culture, have continued to use Om, not as a focus of worship itself, but because it draws attention to the fact that something of spiritual value is taking place.


1. Om Guru, Om Guru, Sachidananda
Om teacher, (who is) Being/truth, intelligence/consciousness and bliss

Sachidananda Guru
Teacher (who is) being/truth,
intelligence/consciousness and bliss

Premananda Guru
Teacher who is ecstatic love

2. Jagatguru, Jagatguru
Mentor/teacher of the world

(who is) being/truth,
intelligence/consciousness and bliss

3. Mama Guru, Mama Guru
My teacher/master

(who is) being/truth, intelligence/consciousness, bliss

Song No. 11 from the Kshama Sagar Bhakti Mala (Songbook)


from Bhakti Geet - Volume One, released June 22, 2017
Vocals - Miranda Stone and Chris Hale
Guitar - Chris Hale
Tabla - Miranda Stone
Harmonium - Luke Parker
Sitar - Duke Vipperman
Bass Guitar - Chris Padiath

Mixing and mastering - Ed Hanley
Recorded live on July 24th, 2015



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Yeshu Satsang Toronto Toronto, Ontario

In India, Yeshu is Hindi for “Jesus.” Satsang means “gathering of the truth.” Typically, satsangs in India are gatherings of people who worship together, often using devotional songs called bhajans and kirtans. You are invited to join us! We meet once a month and you can find out about our monthly satsangs at facebook.com/YeshuSatsangToronto - Christopher Dicran Hale and Miranda Stone ... more

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